Business opportunities by investing in energy efficiency projects


We manage and collaborate in the search

of business opportunities in energy efficiency investment projects.


We support the formulation, planning and strategic direction

of investment operations in energy efficiency projects.


We manage and collaborate in the creation

of business and structuring of energy efficiency projects.


We are in charge of structuring, promoting and obtaining

all the necessary agreements between the different stakeholders for the correct development of the energy efficiency investment project.


We coordinate legal and financial support

in the creation and implementation of projects.


We collaborate in the development of business

of the companies involved in the project.


We support and manage corporate representation

within the implementation of the project before investors, investment funds, public administrations, strategic members.


We design the best vehicle for investment and financing

for the correct development of the investment project.


We support and manage the structuring

of the legal and financial proposal for the project.


We review, monitor and verify

the financial conditions of the project for profit maximization.

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