Maximizing economic performance

Our methodology

Our working methodology is articulated through a process based on two clearly differentiated filters:

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First filter

We check different variables measuring strengths of companies that we work in partnership with but also the environment where we develop the investment project.

Second filter

We complete a full analysis and feasibility study and investment grade audit of any energy efficiency project we develop.

Our main objective

Improve and maximise the economic results of investments in energy efficiency projects. We complete effective risk controls and effective management of potential barriers typically encountered during the design and development of energy efficiency measures.

Soningeo Energy\\\’s knowledge and years of expertise in energy efficiency are the pillars for the generation of a trusted relationship with our clients, providing them with peace of mind when dealing with projects and investment risks.

What kind of risks do we minimize?

Counterparty risks

Monitoring of the competitive positioning of the companies we work with to develop projects and complete investments.

Financial risks

Audit to the execution of the economic resources available for the project to keep the process under budget within the different phases of execution.

Legal Risk

Monitoring changes in regulations, laws, at national and supra national levels and how these changes might affect the different stakeholders of our projects.

What we offer

At Soningeo Energy we offer tailored solutions. We complete the necessary quality control filters and accompanying our client or investor throughout the full project process, which allows us to maximize control and profitability.

We actively source projects in different areas of energy efficiency, we study initial viability of investments to be able to determine if project requirements are met before including it into our portfolio of projects.

We understand and protect the interests of investors and clients so that the project portfolio is profitable enough for them.

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