Experts in public-private partnerships

Soningeo Energy accumulated the necessary knowledge to provide a full control in processes managing energy efficiency projects for public-private partnerships.

Coherently structured work methodology with real focus on

Type of investment

The implementation approach

Cost of investment

Project timeline

Quality checks


Clear objectives

We implement a front to back process that helps us taking all actions and steps to deliver bankable energy efficiency projects.

Our work methodology includes design, implementation and maintenance of energy efficiency projects during their full life cycle:

Economic technical feasibility reports

We carry out technical-economic feasibility reports and seek financing options for the each investment program we design, offering technical support from the early stages of the projects and up to the final contract award.

Design of energy efficiency plans taking into account the needs and priorities of public bodies

We are experts in designing energy efficiency plans that support public institutions, protecting their interests and making sure the projects are realistic and the best possible solution to achieve energy and economics saving with optimal quality. This is completed with an EPC contract typically developed by specialised companies and leading ESCOs.

We focus in ECMs that maximize economic benefits for our clients. During the data gathering exercise and completion of the audits we identify the technologies with highest consumption levels and we focus in tackling these first, picking and choosing for our clients the most efficient investments.

We understand the pros and cons of outsourcing different services by public authorities. We work with our clients to make sure the implementation plan respect and adapts to current structure and capabilities, incorporating these if necessary to the new energy efficiency development plan.

We protect the interests of the public authority, finding the best equilibrium between all parties involved in projects including the minimum financial rewards needed to make the investment attractive to ESCOs.

We coordinate at all times the project design and development, providing expertise and guidance to all parties and stakeholders.

Accurate and independent advice is provided making sure only bankable and projects with real value are delivered.

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