Implementation of energy efficiency improvements

The ultimate goal of Soningeo Energy is to make possible the implementation of ECMs generating significant energy and economic savings for our clients and investments.

Main advantages

The main customer advantages when using our services are:


Availability of financial solutions

Availability of finding external financial resources for energy efficiency projects. Allowing your company to avoid the use of your main capital sources for these kind of projects. Therefore, maintaining the borrowing capacity and investment for your core activities.

Immediate benefits

Savings generated from energy efficiency projects will generate immediate positive cash flows from energy savings.

Ownership of technical equipment

At the end of the project lifetime, the technical equipment will still have additional technology lifetime. Our customer will benefit from the use of the technical equipment during these period after the project lifetime has expired without any prior investment.

Reduction of energy costs

Immediate reduction of energy costs without making any investment.

Integration of services

Integration of the services offered by Soningeo Energy allows our client outsourcing all business energy optimization requirements, to keep our clients focusing on the core activities. This provides a benefit to our clients by being more efficient energy and operationally.

\”Under an energy performance contract (EPC) Soningeo Energy studies the installation, evaluates the level of potential energy savings that could be achieved and offers a tailored implementation of the project by ensuring those energy savings during the contract period.\”
Soningeo energy

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