Best possible partner in energy efficiency

Soningeo energy is the best possible business partners for ESEs , maintenance firms and companies developing or interested in energy efficiency projects.

Bankable projects

We ensure projects have completed an extensive due diligence making these bankable due to their legal, economic and technical strengths required by financial institutions.

Project portfolio

We actively develop and manage energy efficiency projects which maximize value to investors whilst ensuring quality by implementing our unique project sourcing methodology.

Own methodology

We have accumulated expertise in design, implementation, verification and financing energy efficiency projects.

We understand the different risks and interests of our clients and stakeholders in general and we have developed a methodology based in our own experience.

Market knowledge and key relationships

We have managed and partnered with the different actors when developing energy efficiency projects. Our partners are a key element of our strength and the value we provide to our clients and investors.

We are able to create and exploit alliances built over time with the most reputable firms in the field.

Soningeo energy

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