International measurement and verification protocol

“Measurement and verification (M&V) is a process of using the measurement for the reliable establishment of the actual savings generated in an installation within an energy management program”.

At Soningeo Energywe are experts in the design and execution of plans for measuring and verifying savings in energy efficiency projects.

The M & V Protocol does not try to study the ECM (energy conservation measure) that will reduce the consumption of the facility. It only tries to measure and verify the savings that through energy audit have been estimated with the implementation of ECMs.

Cost-risk ratio

There is no absolutely correct saving value. There is always some uncertainty. The point of balance between accuracy and cost must be found. The cost / accuracy balance is particular to each project and at Soningeo Energy we are experts in determining it.

The advantages of the measurement and verification protocol are:

Defines the standard criteria for the \\\”measure\\\” of \\\”savings\\\”, which allows an increase of confidence of the owners of the facilities.
It legitimizes the ESE projects through an international recognition of the \\\”form of payment\\\” according to the savings.
It helps the different parties to create transparent and replicable contractual conditions, and to trade in emission rights obtained with the savings achieved.
It guides the optimum point between the precision and duration of the measures to be developed and their cost.
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